A Little Bit of Everything

Six stories from around the Web


  1. What Ryan Reynolds sees when he looks in the mirror. Hint: It’s not the total hunk everyone else sees.
  2. Chocolate No-Grain No-Bake Cookies. I mean, whoa.
  3. Most amazing red carpet looks from 2016 Grammys.
  4. The most beautiful village in France, if not the world.
  5. Top 25 beaches from around the world. A tad bit disappointed not to see one of Indonesian beaches amongst them.
  6. Easiest updo ever, they said.


A Little Bit of Everything

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1. If you happen to be a Gossip Girl maniac like I was, here are 54 things you probably never knew about the show. (http://www.buzzfeed.com/)

2. Why you should be putting salt in your coffee. (http://www.purewow.com/)

3. See the major change Kendall Jenner made to her face. (http://www.instyle.com/)

4. Definitely trying one of these 9 cheap Starbucks drink hacks on my next coffee run. (http://www.foxnews.com/)

5. Check out Bloomberg’s review on Etihad’s three-room flying suite. Indeed “The Residence” above the clouds. (http://www.bloomberg.com/)

6. Indonesian sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen are on a mission to ban plastic bags in Bali. (https://www.ted.com)

A Little Bit of Everything


  1. 26 Tiny Things You Need To Start Doing for yourself this year (http://thoughtcatalog.com/)

  2. My hands are itching to try this tiny marble magnets DIY for displaying photos and such. (http://www.abeautifulmess.com/)

  3. Never even thought of this Healthy Food Swaps Ideas before but might as well give it a try (http://www.dummies.com/)

  4. Traveling for a living is a way to make money while doing what you love, so it’s a win-win! Here are 13 Jobs to Satisfy Your Wanderlust.

  5. This soon-to-be-built luxury condominium in Manhattan’s NoHo neighborhood with a secret alley as its private driveway is no kidding. (http://www.mansionglobal.com/)

  6. The Emergency Kit Every Second-Semester College Senior Needs. Or fourth-semester in my case. But note to self. (http://thoughtcatalog.com/)