Sydney Gets Better the Second Time

by Pricilia Clarissa Syafira

(I was just going do a post about my recent trip to Sydney when I found this piece about our trip already so perfectly written by one of the most adventurous souls I know, Fia. I decided to keep the title as this was my second time visiting too, since the last time I stepped foot in Sydney in 2009. Easily one of the perks of having a QUT student blogger and an incredible photographer as your best friend. Read her original piece over here). 

Especially in the beginning of summer.

I felt lucky, with time and prodigious boundary size of mine dragged me to be able to explore. I mean, everywhere in Australia clearly is not a cheap destination compared to my travels to local cities in Indonesia. But there I was, graduating soon enough and I’m going to explore the city one last time in a while.

The holiday started out by hunting a promotional airplane ticket by Tiger Airways; TigerAir Tuesday, where they discount the price every now and then for certain dates. The ticket was $150 return Brisbane – Sydney. The budget trip took us to another level; we rented out a private room hostel in Kings Cross Station (we didn’t know then it was a party area, there was loud music now and then but we were pretty much a heavy sleeper), Astoria Pop Space. The place was near the Kings Cross train station and the train is pretty much the most effective public transport the whole time I was there. The time spent was 4 nights.

The first day we arrived quite late, so the only thing we explored was dinner around Kings Cross. We found this underground restaurant, looked much like a bar as the place was so dark. Turned out to be Ms.G’s Restaurant, the best Asian fusion restaurant I’ve ever tried in my life. As an Asian, the recipe is approved. Best food: Cheeseburger Springroll, Silken Tofu, and Baby snapper with sambal balado.

The next day we spent the whole day as a tourist and did a lot of photoshoot. I like to take pictures more than taken, so here are the photographs I took, mostly of my weird friends Amanda Indriani and Sara Setiadi.

46302313652_d2cac27fac_o.jpg31413655097_c36c8d984d_o.jpg Sydney’s festive displays on George St. 

46139854702_d98453ce95_o.jpg45278122115_9eb8928fc7_o.jpgMr. Wong. A popular Chinese restaurant that I think is overrated and overpriced.

46190344241_7685865c2f_o.jpgWendy Witheley Garden – one of Sydney’s best kept secrets.

46190326141_008346bacf_o.jpgScreen Shot 2019-01-23 at 10.03.30 PM.pngHopping around Luna Park.

46139673072_91db2ac38c_o.jpg31250917027_02f7be5269_o.jpg46190148561_4546cf2470_o.jpg Opera House in the golden hour.. is so great for my Canon EOS40D to be in action!

44373037010_821bc05b65_o.jpg44372842260_2ca21c8426_o.jpgSunset session was over and we sipped Sauvignon Blanc with oysters for share
together with this view!

The next day, the day started off with brunch at the Sydney Fish Market. We had a fight though with a bunch of seagulls and an ibis who decided to take three slices of fresh salmons off our plates! Lol, it was so fun nonetheless.

46190085571_38481ba390_o.jpg32870263528_ab2069c797_o.jpgEssentially a seafood paradise

46745621581_e07d75ba92_o.jpgDarling Harbour’s Tumbalong Playground Park

We spent the afternoon eating McDonalds $0.75 ice cream while sitting down on the side, planning on how to slide on the playground slide without destroying the children’s dreams, and also talking about marriage… how we’re going to face adultery and many other dark stuff.. WHOOPS! however we ended up playing on the playground and not give a damn about that part of life, and kept thinking like a child because we’re on holidays after all!

Well the day didn’t end there, but I went to a rock show afterwards. It was Neck Deep in Metro Theatre, Sydney. I don’t have pictures but I have some videos that I will keep to myself and my instagram for 24 hours.

The next day, we needed fresher air. So off to Bondi we went.


It’s true that hanging around the beach makes you hungry at the end. So we went off directly back to town, Chinatown, to try one of the best ramen known to asian people in the city ~ Ramen Kan. IT’S SO GOOD.


The last day was spent in The Grounds of Alexandria for both brunch and coffee hour. The place is too crowded, but we were too tired to explore with our three suitcases tagging along.

Your feminine side will definitely go out when you’re here, it’s all garden and being cute. They managed to blow out some snow in the middle of the day in the Christmas aisle. It was hot that day, but the glass houses filled with plants kept us lukewarm.


Since one of the chef is a friend of ours, she ended up bringing her recipe for us, a recipe that she brought to the restaurant; Mango Parfait! It tasted amazing.


We were accompanied by Fluffy, the house’s bird pet! He just sat there without anything to tie him, he was just amongst us minding his own business with the passionfruit that he showed off on purpose.


This girls trip is just what I needed while waiting for graduation. Cheers to these two!


Head to Fia’s Flickr account and mine for more pictures.

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