Bandung in 24 Hours

My girlfriends and I had been wanting to plan a quick relaxing getaway and we simply took advantage of our 4-days long weekend last week. Bearing in mind we couldn’t really go far away considering we have final exams starting on Monday (I don’t know what is it with me but going on a vacation right before exam just seems to be my thing), Bandung sounded perfect and our minds were set. We drove up to Bandung on Wednesday right after class and arrived around 8 at night. The drive took about 3 hours with some traffic, in which I switched driving with my girlfriend halfway. We didn’t really plan much, and considering we were on a budget, we decided to crash in my grandma’s house up there.

Since our trip was pretty much unscheduled, we were able to arrange a spontaneous dinner with some friends on our first night in to simply catch up and grab some drinks afterwards.The weather couldn’t have been better and we decided we wanted to spend as much time outside in the sunshine, so we started the next morning with our first stop at Armor Coffee for breakfast. I had been reading a lot of good reviews about this place and the coffee itself definitely didn’t disappoint. We ordered some bites, salad, and coffee and enjoyed them in the middle of a pine forest with leaves falling and birds chirping.

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We went for a little hike afterwards and made it to this historical cave site used back in war times that now serves as tourist attraction. We had conflicted feelings about going in at first but we thought that the whole point of the trip was to explore new places so why not. We trailed our way inside and it was spookily pitch black. The fact that it was broad daylight outside didn’t help, and there were bats actually living inside, so go figure. I’d have to say it was fun and we came back learning new things about the history of the place itself, and we got to watch Z overcame her fear of going in at first!

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We made another hour drive up to FarmHouse in Lembang where were supposed to have lunch, but the place was so packed and we ended up just exchanging our entrance tickets for some free milk and sausages, took a few pictures and left. We eventually found ourselves in Dusun Bambu for lunch, in which they served Sundanese cuisine in our own private little huts with this lake-facing outdoor terrace. I couldn’t think of any better way to spend the rest of the afternoon with my girlfriends, taking countless selfies and laughing our hearts out. We drove back to Bandung and decided to just chill and grab a few drinks on our last night in town (we were still too full for dinner). It was a perfect end to our little getaway with a slight melancholy knowing that we’re already reaching the end of the semester, and later we’ll be going our separate ways.

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But most importantly, I had an absolute blast running around town trying to hit up all of the best places, good foods (I still can’t comprehend how we managed to squeeze in so much food and traveling in three short days), and scenic views to share with my most favorites. And it doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, we always have the best time filled with endless laughs and stories to look back on.

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