Five Things

Last week was pretty laid back in a very good and relaxing way. Besides classes and work, my days mostly involved watching Netflix and YouTube videos on my bed, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. On Sunday we celebrated one of my girlfriend’s birthday over dinner at FJ Bistro & Deli in Kemang, which I’d been to before, but turned out to be lovelier by night.

Today marks the start of the last official week of our lectures before finals start next week and I’m planning to only make the best of it. Looking forward to a short getaway with my girlfriends in a few days and to just have plenty of fun before we enter our back-to-back exam days. Have a great week ahead.

IMG_5797The prettiest cotton candy sky on the way home from work

thumb_IMG_7066_1024Some major photo booth game with the goofiest squad

Still obsessing over this Kikki.K coffee mug that I featured on my last post

Pardon the poor quality but babes stay babes

Highlight of the week: Nameera turning 20 and wishing her nothing but the best!

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