Teas I Love

I’m always more of a tea person than a coffee one, and this post will be dedicated for my recent love of the beverage. I don’t really know how to describe it but I feel like tea is “lighter” than coffee and a gentler way to start the day.  I used to only drank a few cups every now and then, but now at least a cup of tea in the morning has become my daily norm and I’ve started to incorporate it into my evenings as well. I find it really relaxing to enjoy a hot cup of tea after work, especially in bed with a good book, while shuffling through my many Spotify playlists.

On another note, it seems that I get more cold and scratchy throats in spring than any other time of year. Maybe it’s the seasonal weather changes, but it is no fun when it hurts to swallow, and drinking tea simply tops my list of natural soothers. Seriously, what isn’t tea good for? It’s a great way to warm up, change things up from regular water, and get some extra antioxidants in.

While I’m all about ordering fruity-flavored iced teas in restaurants, I mostly gravitate towards the classic English Breakfast and Chamomile for hot teas at home. However, I’ve recently discovered some interesting flavors and tea blends that I totally got hooked on! Here I wanted to share my favorite tea varieties that I’ve been rotating in my daily takes along with the benefits of each and what I like about them. Straight up!


Calming Blend – English Tea Shop

Besides the cutest packaging (which obviously drew my attention on the first sight), I love how this one is naturally caffein free, since most teas tend to still have a subtle taste of coffee. It’s a heady, calming blend of natural ingredients – smooth licorices, sweet peppermints, aromatic cinnamon, and intoxicating lavender. The scent of this tea smells just like cinnamon with a hint of mint and I love that it’s very light and mild. I bought this in a gourmet store in Perth and definitely looking forward to re-purchase it when I’m back in Australia.

IMG_8244 (1)

The Rose (Rose Tea) – Mlesna Singapore Specialty Gourmet Tea

This one is the loose leaf kind and although it takes few extra steps and tools before enjoying, using loose leaf tea creates a much more delicious and flavorful tea than pre-packaged tea bags. I bought this in Singapore Botanic Gardens on my last visit when they happened to be giving free tea samples at the shop that time, and I fell in love on the first sip. This is a light and gently flavored tea that will treat you to the sweet aroma of the rose garden.


Peppermint – Tea Drop

This has to be my favorite since it tastes very light with just the perfect hint of mint and so easy to make. This one comes with these little peppermint-infused cubes and all you have to do is unwrap one of these babies and pop it right into a cup of hot water. This is a delicious green tea that is perfectly minty without being too overpowering. It gives me that nice, cool sensation in my throat and has none of the bitterness that traditional green tea has. I love how much this tastes like sucking on a peppermint candy!


Lastly, this mug was such a sweet find that I picked up at Kikki K a few months back in Singapore. They’re perfect for drinking tea or coffee and I just love the rustic look and how the cute quote reminds me that every day is a new chance to get things right.

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