Five Things

From a few weeks back: PANAMA Live at The 6th Music Gallery by FEBUI

More often than not we are faced with certain things that we have to get done at a certain time, but we usually just end up procrastinating and leaving these (important) tasks in the back of our minds. Until it freaked you out the night before, or so in my case. My recent trip to Singapore was pretty impulsive (I booked my flight only two weeks prior to date), and I knew that going away for vacation right before my mid-term exam starts was a particularly crazy idea to begin with, but I’m glad I went ahead anyway (I’ll be sharing more about it on another post).

It was an immensely relaxing break and although it made me postpone my studying a little bit more than I should, I was really able to focus on my exam the following days. Looking forward to tackling just one more paper down on Monday before planning another quick getaway with my girlfriends on the coming weekend. Have a great one!

IMG_6204Typical classroom situation

thumb_thumb_IMG_6670_1024_1024These dark chocolate truffles with melt-in-mouth hazelnut praline fillings were bomb

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetCame home from Singapore to a room full of birthday surprise from my girlfriends

thumb_IMG_6642_1024And, more surprises! Could this birthday get any better?

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