Thoughts on Turning 20

I love having something to look forward to. It keeps me sane on the most tedious days to have something to be excited about. I’ve been looking forward to this day ever since March arrived, and I finally (drumrolls) turned 20 last Sunday. I love birthdays because I get to be showered with kisses the moment I wake up, and this time around, I was delighted to spend it on a long-weekend getaway in Singapore with my family. I was running a bit of a fever on the night before I left, but luckily recovered once I landed in Singapore. I think it was merely the fact that I got to step out of my routine and to spend the birthday weekend with my favourite ones, which cured me so quickly.

IMG_6632.jpgCelebrated my birthday picnicking at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

My thoughts on turning 20 so far:  I know I may look back on this post a few years from now and laugh hysterically at how big of a deal I’m making this about, but I do feel like turning 20 is such a huge milestone, which I’m somewhat still in denial about. I’m pretty sure this has something to do with my double-degree transfer in a few months time (I’m moving to Australia in July!), but I feel like the older I’ve gotten, the more I appreciate the times spent at home. I’m definitely not looking forward to having a homesick-crisis in the middle of my semester and begging my mom to pay a visit. I’m (hopefully) sure this is all just temporary.

I’ve had my share of second thoughts about transferring to Australia, mostly for the fear that I wouldn’t be able to fit in. But turning 20 made me realise that you’re only ever going to be this young once.You get older by the minutes, and it’s absolutely critical to push the boundaries out of your comfort zone. I’ve realised that opportunities that scared me most are usually the ones that are going to result the most impactful change, and that they don’t easily come every day.

So this year, and in my 20s in general, I look forward to taking more risks, tackling more challenges, be happy about my consciously-made decision to move, pushing past my comfort zone, meeting new people, exploring new places, focusing on myself and simply letting go of the past. I’m starting to accept what all the clichéd Instagram quotes say: Where you are in life right now is exactly where you belong. Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting and have faith that things will work out. Maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be.The past months haven’t been the easiest, but I’m glad that it led me to where I am today. I feel content, loved, and blessed and there’s truly nowhere else I’d rather be.

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