Five Things

Quote of the day, literally.

As we enter the final week of February, it finally hits me that I practically have only 27 days left before I turn 20. I don’t know where the time has gone, but boy, it flies. Despite the highs and lows, I’m glad to have managed to actually get a lot of work done these past few days. I’ve been occupied with shooting and editing for an upcoming trailer project with friends, prepping for IELTS, and catching up with The Flash. It’s been raining generously around here and nap times have been dangerously inevitable, not that I’m complaining. I’m baking lots of crème brûlée today for a dinner party and hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures as I’m planning to do a recipe post for it some time next week. Have a great weekend!

Brunch date with a girlfriend featuring my Molecular Biology reportIMG_5574
Hanging succulents at a coffee shop nearbyIMG_5843
An impulsive lunch date (Social House, Grand Indonesia)IMG_5737Throwback to this cotton candy sky on Valentine’s Day because mine was a lovely one

x, Amanda.

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